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Kalpa Vriksha Academy is founded and managed by The Harmony Educational Foundation which is registered under Section 8 Companies Act, and also having a 12A and 80 G certification. Donations are welcome as is volunteering with us! Harmony has a number of projects under its umbrella.

“A wonderful school which is everything it promises to be i.e. child-centric, environmentally friendly and stress free! If you're looking for a value-based, grounded education for your child, Kalpa Vriksha is the place for you.”

Mr. Ramdas Kasav, Std. 10 Parent

We design our own curriculum, in-house!

Our in-house team of curriculum designers who have over 30 years of experience, spend much of their time training our teachers and researching latest pedagogical advancements. Our methods take inspiration from some of the greatest thinkers in education ranging from Rudolf Steiner and Montessori to J Krishnamurthy and Rabindranath Tagore. We write our own textbooks, workbooks, curriculum books and teacher manuals which are available to purchase at our online store.

Our Building is a Post-Pandemic structure.

Having been designed in the COVID-19 Pandemic, our school adheres to all post-pandemic design guidelines that stipulate having large amounts of open spaces in between classrooms. Our building has been designed by one of India's leading sustainable architects, Chitra Viswanathan of Biome Environmental Solutions, on who's recommendation, our building has also been designed to be a fully modular structure.

We value Inclusivity & diversity our classrooms.

Our classrooms are a diverse mix across learning abilities and socio-economic backgrounds. In addition to providing some children with scholarships, we also welcome children with special needs or learning disabilities into our school. For children with severe learning disabilities, we have a separate section in our school called Jeevan Setu where, we create Individualised Educational Plans for each student to get the kind of attention, care and learning that they require.

Welcome to Kalpa Vriksha!

We are a learning environment that empowers individuals to innovate and learn, explore their potential and protect nature.

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Started in 2022, Kalpa Vriksha Academy is founded by the same team who previously ran and managed Aman Setu, My School. The idea for this school is to cultivate a community of teachers, students and parents who are able to live in harmony with one another and nature by embracing differences and learning to care for one’s environment.

At present, we facilitate learning for children from Nursery to Std. 10, at which point students may opt to take the SSC or NIOS exams as external candidates. We also have a separate section for children with special needs where they are given personal and more individualised training.