Our school building is a structure we are mighty proud of. Designed by one of India’s leading sustainable architects, Chitra Vishwanathan, our school building is a prefabricated, modular structure that is completely dismantle-able and also re-usable. Large verandahs surround the building and children can hop across to the gardens. The inner aangan ensures a cozy feel and enables children to fraternise with one another with ease.

Having been designed in the middle of the Pandemic, our building is highly ventilated with a central courtyard & a verandah running on all of its 4 sides. Every classroom has french windows and skylights.

We are in the process of building a food forest lead by Vikram Dada our school naturalist. This garden-forest not only provides shade, breeze and many fruits, but also learning opportunities.

School being only for the first half of the day, our space is available to be used and populated in the evenings & on weekends.

We have a 20,000 sq ft lawn as well as 5 useable classrooms and a 1000 sq ft hall that you may use for events, classes or camps.

Being on the outskirts of the city, we are lucky to be surrounded by nature, farms and hills on 2-3 sides of our property, a opportunity we encourage you to make full use of.

If you would like to run classes or be part of our roster of evening activity facilitators, do write to us at admin@kalpavrikshaacademy.com and schedule a call with you to discuss the same in more detail!


1430 Satav Vasti, Wagholi Lohegaon Road, Wagholi, 411047

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Kalpa Vriksha Academy is founded and managed by The Harmony Educational Foundation which is registered under Section 8 Companies Act, and also having a 12A and 80 G certification. Donations are welcome as is volunteering with us! Harmony has a number of projects under its umbrella.