Diversity and inclusivity our two of our core values. We thus welcome children into our learning space from a variety of backgrounds and across learning styles. We have a special section for children with special needs though there is substantial mingling between these children and those in the general school. Outlined below are the 4 stages of our admissions process.

Step 1: Visit Our School

To start the admission process, please fill this form. Once filled, you will be contacted by our admin department to pay an admission fee of Rs. 1500 and to schedule a suitable day and time for when you can visit our school and take a tour around the premises.

Step 2: Meeting With Principal

Following the school tour we will set up a meeting for you to meet with our Principal, Ruchi A, to understand our philosophy and ways of learning better. This may be on the same day or at a later date over a zoom call.

Step 3: Child's Assessments

The next step of the process is for your child to take a small academic test a process to understand the child's level of education and comprehension so we can plan for extra support if needed. After assessing the same, we will be able to confirm to you, admission for your child into our school.

Step 4: Deposit Payment

The final step of the process to confirm admission into our school is a payment of a non-refundable deposit that secures a place for your child in our school. You will also at this point also required to pay the first two instalments of fees following which you and your child/ children will be onboarded into our school.


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